tree skins – series, 2011
 tree skins is my collection of tree barks. The photos were taken in Germany, Italy & Spain.

tree-skins-up-34 tree-skins-up-28 tree-skins-up-21 tree-skins-up-20 tree-skins-up-18 tree-skins-up-15 tree-skins-up-19 tree-skins-up-04 tree-skins-up-07 tree-skins-up-10 tree-skins-up-02

 tree skins, 2011
I have a liking for pattern – (as you will also see, when I introduce the series pattern). The earliest memory I have regarding a fascination with pattern dates back to my second or third year at school. I had a maths teacher, who sometimes wore a dress, which did have a pattern – yet there was no structure or logic to it. So I would spend most of the lesson staring  at the dress, trying to figure out how this pattern could have been created or where it’s hidden code lay. I moved to another school, before I could solve this riddle.
Nature doesn’t seem to care much for structure and logic either, when it comes to the visible – but Natures seems to care for beauty – the dress-designers in question didn’t.