street life, 2008 – 2010
 I mainly worked on streetlife between 2008 – 2010 in Berlin.
 Streetlife ist in den Jahren 2008 – 2010 in Berlin entstanden.


street life
I do not remember what induced me to take the first street life shot, though my guess would be, that the long autuumn shadows caught my attention, when I stood on my balcony looking down from the fifth floor to a major crossroads.
Once I had started to watch the people crossing and taking their strides, I couldn‘t stop for many weeks – and even now I would at times resume this kind of voyeurism.
There where several things that fascinated me: there were the lines – Lines by street markings. Lines made by shadows, lines made by the movements of people or bycicles. Cars / busses and the likes always felt a little alien and perhaps too massive for this kind of picture – so I left them out)
These lines could be interesting in themselves or sometimes even more in the combination.
While I started out focusing on the lines – I later discovered in reviewing the pictures – that the bearing of the „street crossers“ seemed like they were telling stories – or rather looking at their bearing set my imagination to work – and I felt I could tell that persons story or at least her or his present mood.
At the time I felt intrigued to experiment with photoshop filters and thus some of my exploits were transformed from photo to „drawing“. This allowed me to simplify and condense the pictures even further – testing their limits as much as their potentials.


Streetlife Berlin
Streetlife Berlin
Streetlife Berlin