tomato pics is my photographic playground. Here no rules apply (or almost none). Here I discover, experiment, test, think, wonder, examine.
Here I make mistakes and often enough find, that mistakes turn out to be doors to new ground or to new ideas.
The photographs here presented result from observation, curiosity, a good portion of playfulness as well as thoughtfulness.
I do not use these pictures to express myself or some greater or lesser idea. Rather when working with them I feel like an explorer.

I pick up the camera, go on the hunt and shoot – often enough there is a struggle afterwards for the final result(s)…
I love to capture what the eye cannot perceive or to give a “voice” to a pattern only the frame can set apart or to allow a movement to create something, that only the camera can bring into existence or to freeze a tender, a powerful, a special moment or to bring something to light that neither eye nor imagination could have expected.
Back at the computer I explore my spoils with eager anticipation. At best a dialog begins: “who are you” “what do you have to offer” “what is there to discover” “where is your strength” “where are your limits…” “what happens, if I push this button or rather that” ?
There are about 27 collections, which I will by and by include on tomato pics or rather an introduction to them. It is possible to obtain a print of any of the photographs. Please contact me for information or any questions or observations. It is not allowed to use copies of any kind of the here presented pictures without a written permission by me.
Perhaps you have already wondered – I know google will… so here it is: Yes, this tomato pics is bilingual and no the texts are not translated or rarely so. I neither like translating nor repetition, so I apply the no rule rule to this and do without.


Ellen Paschiller
+49 (0)171 93 88 610
10823 Berlin